Amenities That Every Hotel Should Have

It’s a dream of every traveler to find an excellent place to stay when on a business trip or vacation. When looking for a hotel to spend a night or a couple of days, some amenities make a hotel attractive to the traveler. These amenities will help them decide whether to stay at a particular hotel or not. This article will look at some facilities that every hotel should have for guests to feel comfortable and at home.


Most guests will always consider a hotel that offers safe and secure parking if driving their own or rental cars. Some hotels will provide free parking to their guest while others will charge a daily packing fee. The parking should also be accessible at convenient times when the guest may want to use the car.

Check-In and Check-Out Time

Hotels should spell out their check-in and check-out time to guests at all times. This will ensure that the guests make informed decisions when making the booking. Some guests who like to sleep in or those with late flights may sometimes request a flexible check-out time, which may be agreed on depending on the hotel’s rules or terms and conditions.

Fast Internet

This is a must-have for any hotel that seeks to attract guests of all nature. A hotel should provide free and fast internet for all guests, whether on business or vacation trips. To get good hotel reviews and ratings, hotel owners must ensure that the internet works fast, even when the hotel is fully occupied. All customers are connected and that it works well in the rooms and public areas.

Universal Plugins and USB Charging Ports

Many travelers nowadays carry along several devices, such as phones, tablets, and laptops. A modern hotel should ensure that there are enough charging ports that should be strategically placed, such as near the bed or dining tables.


Many travelers will choose a hotel that offers breakfast or one which has an inhouse kitchen. Nobody wants to go around a new city or neighborhood early in the morning, looking for something to eat. The hotel can also consider offering room service where guests can have their meals while in their rooms instead of walking to the dining area. Guests should be informed beforehand when meals are served and the type of meals on offer.

Working Desk

This will be ideal for business travelers who want to finish some work before going to sleep or on a sightseeing adventure. A proper working desk will also be suitable for guests who love to read and write while on vacation. Make sure that the desk is situated at a place where there is enough natural lighting.