Using Trendy Art Prints to Decorate Your Hotel

As the hospitality industry wakes up from the Corona slump, a lot of stuff will need downsizing. From the number of staff to the number of guests and the budget for various activities, it will be necessary to bring things down to a smaller scale to remain competitive.

However, that does not mean that you need to let your hotel look beat. With some creativity, you can maintain a unique and beautiful appearance in your outlet on a budget. One way to do this is to use art. By using art prints to decorate your hotel premises, you get a lovely look and save on many renovation costs.

You, however, need to choose high quality and unique art if you are to please your customers. This means that you need to find a store that is known for its quality. For quality, the Desenio Online Art store comes highly recommended for every hotel owner.

Why Desenio?

There are numerous reasons why this store would serve anyone well, ranging from quality to variety, the convenience of shopping and delivery and quality of customer care.

They have a huge collection that you can choose different kinds of art for different purposes from. You can pick from categories of Kids posters, art prints (paintings, line art, watercolour paintings, abstract art, minimalist art), animals, maps and many more. This means that there is art for every space of the hotel. You can, for instance, use iconic photos for the lobby and kitchen themed art for the dining area.

All this art is available in a range of sizes. You can have pictures as small as 13*18 cm and posters as large as 70*100 cm. Sorting these items is easy on the lovely website and all payments are done online. Delivery is free for purchases that exceed $69 (£50) and is completed in between three and seven days. That’s some nice convenience, isn’t it?

How to Decorate with Art

With such a huge collection to choose from, you must know how to pick the correct one for your hotel. Always ask yourself, “Whom am I decorating for?” Understand your audience and what their tastes are. That way, picking art becomes easy.

Once you have received your art, you can install it yourself or engage a professional. Either way, you save on decoration costs by using art.

Do not let your hotel look dull in these tough times; grab some art and light it up!