How the Internet Has Changed Hotel Booking

The internet has changed our lives from buying groceries online, booking a taxi ride, and getting news headlines as they break. But one of the best things is how we can book hotels online as well as travel packages. The following are some of the ways it has changed hotel booking all over the world.


In the past, people relied on the agent’s prices to determine the hotels in their budget range. However, with online booking, hotel owners have to look continually at what other hotels are offering, and the prices of their services to remain competitive.


Hotels have always spent a big chunk of their money on advertising, which would have been directed towards appearing in travel brochures in the past. However, in modern times most of the hotel marketing strategies are aimed towards an online presence as well as acquiring a substantial social media following.

Global Presence

Online booking sites can be accessed from almost every part of the world hence giving a global hotel presence. Hotels should make sure that they have attractive websites and multiple languages to cater to people from different parts of the world.